Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snow, Parties and Publishing

Well, we had snow, lots of actually. Well lots of for Jersey in November and some more today, and as usual the island came to a standstill, flights postponed, buses cancelled etc, ahh the joys! Still I wasn’t really up to anything important at the weekend - all I had to do was get to the Hotel De France and back for a charity ball, and whilst there, drink lots, pop party poppers, wear silly hats, gyrate on the dance floor and win nothing in the raffle. Great fun! This now sees the end of my tux as it will eventually be dry cleaned and placed neatly away until the two ball events as per this year – the CIM and Round Table.

However that’s not to say that is the end of this years festivities, God no, it’s only just December remember. Christmas used to be traditionally kicked off by the Boys Annual lunch which first took place on a Thursday over ten years ago and was a fun and random idea thought up by two guys (one of which was me, proudly I add) who had just sat their final exam of the year that morning. Now though, we just do it for a laugh and thankfully on a Friday, this Friday in fact. Throughout the years there’s been all sorts of presentations and paraphernalia made and given to one another as our show of love. In the past there’s been paintings, jumpers, poems and anecdotes – and this year we’re making each other a bauble. Sounds weird, yes you’re right, but it’s what we has become accustomed to, and although the Christmas festivities now start prior to this benchmarking event, we still hang onto the coattails of tradition.

So after this I have a couple more work ‘dos’ and then I’ll be sitting down with Bro and his family for a rip roaring Christmas lunch - with entertainment provided by my toddler Godson. Needless to say the dribbling and the tentative walking will once again be a large part of the day, and possibly for one year old George too.

On the coursework front we’re well into the Advanced Practice Module and I’m looking at short stories at the moment. For the first time ever, I actually sat down and wrote a story from start to finish and it’s now in the edit stage after putting this away for a couple of weeks, but I will have this on my website shortly.

Also we’ve had to submit an Industry Analysis brief. This is a research topic which we are due to submit a full analysis on by February. After much deliberation I’ve decided to research the production of serialised novels through apps on the mobile platform. Should be an interesting topic as in print this is something that Charles Dickens, Stephen King and John Saul have successfully achieved. There are already writers who have done this via Apps, and it would be interesting to see how well this works.

Well that’s about it for now, other than to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I’ll be in Ireland for the latter and so I’m expecting the festive season to be especially long and joyous this year!

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