Monday, March 26, 2012

Top Three and a Masters Degree

This week saw the return of spring and with it, several in my step.

The glorious weekend weather helped obliterate my hangover after receiving confirmation that I had passed the course, and now hold a Masters Degree in Professional Writing. Two years hard work starting with the art of rhetoric and finishing with studying young adult fiction and my quarter completed novel The Silence, are now but a distant memory. One Spring.

My short story 'The Cat' which is currently available to download from Ether Books, was at Number 6 two weeks ago, in the paid download charts. Two Springs.

'The Cat' gained three places and was at Number 3 in the paid download charts last week. It is the only story on there to have improved its chart position. Thank you to all who have downloaded so far and to all who intend to this week. If we (I say we as it's you that have helped achieve this) make it to Number 1 this week, then I will truly be lost for words. Some current 5 Star reviews include:
"Excellent read but not for bedtime!"
"Wow, great story. Looking forward to reading more!"
Three Springs.

With the shackles now off, 'The Silence' has begun to evolve. The story is rapidly gathering pace and taking on darker tones, as the lead character Nick begins to reveal more to Carrie about his relationship with dead girlfriend Sophie. Four Springs and counting...

So already on this short, writing adventure of mine I've achieved far greater things than I could imagine. My writing is still finding a voice, but hopefully with Nick and Carrie's help and some rather reluctant assistance from Sophie, I should have a rather disturbing 'young adult' novel in print within a year. Let's hope agents and publishers are as infatuated with these characters as I am.

Please check my website for latest updates or follow this blog or me on Twitter and remember, Rapunzel's Daughters is still available in print. I hear 'The Wolf's Guide to the Fairytale' is a particularly good read, and it might even be available for free via Ether Books soon, as I have the copyright back for it - so maybe you can hold off until then...

Thank you for reading and a special thank you to the downloaders amongst you.